Buying odd dice in bulk
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Where would I purchase dice in bulk? Not just six-sided dice you'd find in Risk or Monopoly, but tetraherdral (4-sided, pyramid) or dodecahedral (12-sided, cries itself to sleep)?

It seems the cheapest place -- indeed, the source for many places -- is Chesshex. I was hoping for a better price than $0.55 per unit since my game idea requires 32-50 of the pyramid-shaped dice.
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RPGShop has them for slightly less than direct from Chessex. I'm sure if you contact them for a bulk qty they'll cut you a break.
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EAI Education sells 4-sided dice for $0.30 each in packs of 5 and $0.28 each in packs of 25. The minimum order is $15, though.
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Best answer: Dicepool currently has bags of 25 d4s (d4 = 4-sided dice) for $12.37 a bag, or 49 cents a die.
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Chesshex sells a pound o' dice for $28.00 that includes about 100 assorted:

There are approximately 100 factory-second dice in this bag.(Number of dice will vary with the mix-four-siders are lighter than other shapes, for example.)

These dice are mixed in a variety of styles & colors. Every bag does not necessarily have every style & color. Sizes may include 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 & 30-sided dice (and, possibly, other sizes) in colors that include (but are not limited to) speckled, marble, rainbow, opaque and translucent.

This assortment features one complete 7-die polyhedral set of never-released speckled dice, available ONLY in this Pound O' Dice assortment!!

It might be a risk that you'd not get exactly what you need, but what a fun hour of sorting!
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Just as a note, my Chessex # of dice contains:
39d6: 11 with numbers, 15 largeish d6 with pips, 3 medium with pips, and 10 small ones <> 9d8
36d10 (slightly less than half as d100 labelled)

This is obviously an assortment, but there are by far more d10 and d6 than others - other people have similar proportions. That may or may not work for your project.
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Response by poster: > EBAY
odd how you linked to a particular seller, instead of a search term... perhaps you have a personal interest in that vendor? ?

Good prices and selection, but tetrahedral dice only come in "assorted" packs or as part of a set of multiple shapes of dice. Also, about a third of their dice products are no-picture-no-description, which is really weird for a retail outlet's catalog.

> EAI Education
Looks good, looks like quality. Unfortunately I didn't mention that I need many many tetrahedra of the same colour.

> Dicepool
We have a winner.
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