Could you tell me about how much these diamond earrings are worth? More inside...
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Could you tell me about how much these diamond earrings are worth? More inside...

I would like to find out about how much these diamond earrings are worth, but I don't need an exact amount. Can anyone help me with this?

Relevant information:
-2 diamond earrings, purchased for $600.00 in 1975
-14k white gold setting
-.96 point (This I don't quite understand. On the receipt it says ".96 Point", but on another tag it says "96 TW".)

Thank you!!
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I have no idea how much they would be worth, but "TW" stands for Total Weight. As in, the total weight of the diamonds in the earrings are .96 carats.
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.96 point or total weight (tw) is how much they both are put together, probably. So a little less than 1 carat (1.00 pt= 1 carat).

The amount they are worth will vary wildly based on the clarity/grade of diamond. For instance, this .96 pt earrings are made from low quality diamonds and is selling for $399, whereas this high grade set, same diamond weight is selling for $980.

They will also vary based on cut, color, and setting. The only way to know for sure how good your diamonds are is to get them appraised by a real jeweler.
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Carats, the unit of measure of mass of gemstones, is divisible into points, which equal two grams per point.

So 0.96 point is 96% of 1 carat, or 192 grams.

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We need more data than that. Diamonds reach their market value based on four variables (not including outright market manipulation, which is a different post altogether):

* Cut
* Clarity
* Color
* Carat weight

You've told us the carat weight, but not the other information, which you apparently don't have and are unlikely to be able to determine yourself. Your local jeweller can give you an insurance valuation at very low cost, however.
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Response by poster: How much does an insurance valuation cost?
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Are there only two stones? If so then they're slightly less than half a carat each, which, depending on the color and the clarity could put them anywhere from above $3000 to below $300. Does the receipt mention color and clarity?

You need an appraiser.

Ask the appraiser for the Rapaport value. Rapaport is a wholesale pricesheet and will give you the highest price you can get for your diamond.
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How much does an insurance valuation cost?

I paid $15 per item to have a couple pieces of jewelry appraised for insurance purposes about a month ago in Pennsylvania.
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It is possible we could be more helpful with more information. If you need to insure them, you need a specific appraisal to fulfil the requirements of your insurance company. If you want to hock them, their actual value makes little real difference as you'll only get a fraction of their resale value from a pawn broker. If you want to sell them on Ebay or whatever, you need the appraisal to properly list them but you'll only get 60% or so of their appraised value.
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Yes, what DarlingBri said, except that right now you'd be lucky to get as much as 50% of their appraised value on eBay, even before fees. The worst time to sell precious jewelry is several months into a global economic recession.
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dfriedman, I believe you missed three decimal places... a point is equal to two milligrams, not grams.
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additionally, 100 points = 1.00 carats...
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I had a diamond ring appraised at EGL USA and it cost $60 per karat.
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look on the pricescope forums if your looking for more info on getting them appraised, etc or just for general information - its a great resource
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