Cheap replica alloys in Toronto?
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(Asking for a friend.) Where could one find cheap replica Mercedes/AMG alloy wheels in Toronto?

This column leads me to believe that AMG replica alloys should be available for around $130. Does anyone know where I could find reasonably-priced replica alloys for a Mercedes (16-inch)?
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I don't know anything about your car, but wheels fitting that description, at that price, are easy to find on eBay.
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Your friend should join or forums to look for local sales. Some questions though:

Do you care if they are new or used?

If your friend is looking for some new rims, why go with 16's? Even if you've got a C-Class or SLK, why not go at least 17"?
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Response by poster: Do you care if they are new or used?


why go with 16's

They're for winter tires; 17-inch tires won't do as well in snow, so he's downsizing for the winter.
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Craigslist. Is he wedded to AMG reps? IMO, that style of wheel doesn't look good with a taller sidewall as in a 16" tire. And anyway, 16's are often hard to find...most manufacturers jumped from 15" to 17".

I'd branch out beyond Mercedes specific wheels. I'm not sure what hub sizing, offset(~35?) and bolt pattern (5x112?) you need, but there should be lots of wheels that will work. BBS is always a pretty safe bet.

If 15 inch wheels fit, I'd go that route for snows. They're way cheaper.
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Response by poster: Is he wedded to AMG reps?

No, he's not. I'll pass along the suggestion for other styles, and going down to 15". Would that affect performance too much?
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I've purchased a few sets of snow tire/wheel packages from TireRack and had them shipped to me. Easy enough and they have a few cheap-ish alloy options.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help everyone. Friend ended up getting a really good deal from an uncle who's a dealer, but the advice was useful.
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