How do I decorate my mirror wall?
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How would you decorate a living room with a mirror wall?

We're in the process of replacing all the starter/hand-me-down furniture in our condo and we're at a loss as to how to decorate the mirror wall in our living room.

About the wall: It's roughly 20' long and comprised of four 7 1/2' tall and 5' wide mirror panels. It's the longest uninterrupted wall in the room spanning both the dining room for 7 1/2' and the living room for 12 1/2'. Other than an 1/8" gap between panels and a 3" runner on the floor, it's floor to ceiling uninterrupted mirror. They're in perfect condition.

We've grudgingly embraced them: we have friends in the complex with the exact same condo layout as ours and our unit looks immense when compared to theirs. The mirror wall is also directly across from the windows and we get the added benefit of light and a view on that side of the room. We've never had any idea how to decorate it, though.

What decorating/furnishing ideas could make the most of my mirror wall?
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A friend of mine has a mirror wall, and they added a curtain rod and hung a large curtain, so that they can cover the mirror when they don't want it.
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I'd put a long hutch like table - preferably in a nice warm tone right along the mirror - on that I'd put just a few things that you'd want to draw attention to - such as some pretty flowering plants - you can do it symmetrically or not - maybe some old books with leather bindings and just a hint of gold embossing and one or 2 other small items (or leave it sparce - adding only as the seasons change). This *cuts* the glare and immediacy of the mirror but allows the beauty of the objects to be reflected and also gives the illusion of more space and light without being too obvious.

I'd also put a nice rug - maybe something oriental just in front of the table - put some end tables diagonally, then maybe 2 small facing armchairs to bring even more warmth into that space.
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I would keep the furniture as modern and simple as possible, probably in light or at least neutral colors. Scandinavian lines like in this room could look really nice-- I think that mostly you'll want to just avoid kitsch as much as possible.
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Here's a really interesting idea you may like
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I helped decorate a condo with a number of mirrored wall once.

You don't want to start hanging things over and in front of them or you lose the effect and illusion of the mirror.

If you want to hang anything in front of it, though, here is what we did:

-Screwed a hardwood 1x1 with a lipped groove into the ceiling in front of the mirror, right at the edge, painted the same color as the ceiling. It ran the length of the wall so that you didn't see the break.

-With heavy duty monofilament (I think we used 50lb) you can then suspend things from the trim using picture frame hooks.

If you hang up paintings or art, get some black or neutral wool or velveteen from the fabric store to cover the back of the thing being hung, as the mirror will reflect the rough backing of things.

That is how we did it.

Otherwise, you don't want to decorate it too much - it will just double the clutter and noise of the room.
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I like a lot of plants in my space, and I think it could look lush and great if you put potted trees or hanging plants in front of the mirror which would give you a deep jungle-y look.
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Have you considered Vinyl Wall art?
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a SECOND mirror. whoa...
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I once saw a large mirror over a fireplace, and the owner had broken it up by affixing (glueing? not sure how) frames on top of the mirror. These were interesting, vintage picture frames that she had salvaged from Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc, and painted or gilded. She had one large one in the top center, then arraignments of smaller frames (in multiples) on either side. It completely broke up the 'wall 'o mirror' effect, and was charming to boot.
If you choose to put a sideboard against the wall, perhaps something like this above it would add interest.
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Try finding a long, short width, short legged table, as 6'L x 18"W x 24"H approx., depending on your colors, textures, medium. Try complimenting your other furniture. Place candles on it. Candles add a lot of ambiance against mirrors. Add some medium height plants in beautiful planters on each end of table, You can throw a rug in front of it with overstuffed pillows for sitting. You can use this for dining on for special occasions. Look into middle eastern, like Moroccan decor or any other ethnic look. American decor is boring, it isn't romantic at all. Drape some beautiful material along the top of the mirror and let it drape down both sides. You can Google many different styles for decorating. Have fun...
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