Dustbuster recommendations?
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I'd like to get a dustbuster or similar cordless small vacuum device. Can you awesome people recommend some brands/models?

I saw this thread but it's a couple years old and I figured dustbuster technology has advanced some since then, plus I really do want a cordless one. Currently Amazon has a good deal on one of those Kone things, but the recent reviews seem mixed. Have any of you used one, and would you recommend it? Or is there some other awesome dustbuster I should know about?
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We have a Dyson with battery+charger, and apart from its looks, it is fantastic. Really powerful, easy to clean. The battery only lasts about 7mins (so they gave us a 2nd battery) but rarely actually run out (never used the 2nd battery).
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I bought the latest and greatest dustbuster about a month ago. It's instantly become one of the greatest purchases I've ever made. It's also #1 in Consumer Guide. I actually really wanted the Dyson, but tried it out in Best Buy and thought it didn't suck so well.
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(never used it for prolonged periods so can't comment on battery life)
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We're pretty happy with our Electrolux Ergorapido. You can use it as an upright or detach and use as a handheld. It's great for keeping the wood floors downstairs clean, and then using the handheld for all manner of stuff.
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Black & Decker PHV1800CB 18-Volt Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

I bought a less expensive 14-volt model and threw it away because it didn't have enough suction. The Black & Decker 18-volt is a little more money but the suction is incredible. It's noisy, but works very well.
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I have the Shark, which is awesome. Does a great job cleaning cat hair off the couch, among other things.
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My dad got me the PHV1800 and he did a lot of research to come up with that one. I like it so far. It has a LOT more suction than the Kone, and the design has its own interest.
The big problem with the Dyson is that it's really heavy.
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I commented in that earlier thread about the Shark... and I still have the same one and it's going strong.
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I asked the same question earlier this year. I'm happy with the Shark that was recommended.

Don't get the Cone...someone gave us one as a gift a few years ago and it was awful.
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As I also said in the other thread, I have basically the same Shark as bondcliff, and it is awesome. I really don't know how I ever cleaned the house without it and it's going as strong now as the day I bought it. It sucks hard, keeps a charge, and is just generally the hand vac bomb.
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Another happy Shark owner here. It's helped me clean up some hopeless messes without faltering.
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Oh, I don't know how I missed radioamy's thread--I searched for vacuum and dustbuster! Sorry for the sort-of double, and thanks for all the great recommendations!
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We have the kone at home (it was a 2-pack at Costco: 1 for the basement, 1 for upstairs), and it was great for the first few months or so, but the battery is truly subpar. I'd recommend something else, and I will be watching this thread to possibly replace our kones.
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On all 3 I've owned, the battery has stopped holding a charge after a year or so and wasn't designed to be replaced. I wouldn't buy a cordless unless I could replace the battery myself and for a reasonable cost. Consider a corded?
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I am about a thousand times less likely to use a corded one, or else I'd just use my big bulky vacuum with attachments. I want something I can just pick up, carry easily, and use quickly. I'm going to ask for that cool Black and Decker one for Hanukkah, I think!
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