Ascii-art app for OS X?
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What is the name of this obscure Mac text editor that draws ASCII art boxes and lines by dragging them out?

I last used this app about three years ago, on OS X.

It was a simple text editor, that had a unique feature. You could drag a rectangle and it would create a BBS-style ASCII box. It would also do straight lines. (It may have done more).

Freely downloadable, at no cost. Ran in English.
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emacs has artist mode, which allows creating ascii boxes, and even diagrams with connectors etc. This may not be the app you had in mind; emacs is far from obscure or simple I think.
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Best answer: The best one I know is ASCII/edit. I wouldn't characterize the output as "BBS-style," which implies more an IBM-ANSI art style rather than the plain ASCII punctuation it uses.
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