Ima let ya finish but what kind of guitar are you playing?
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Taylor Swift Filter: Did anyone catch Taylor Swift on last nights SNL?

I'd like to know what kind of acoustic guitar she was playing. I believe she used it twice, in the opening monologue and then for her musical numbers.

It looked like it was made of Hawaiian Koa wood. I didn't get a good look at the headstock to see the manufacturers name but maybe someone else caught it. Thanks.

Sorry, I don't have any pics.
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Look at her Wikipedia article.. it appears like that guitar is identified in one of the pics.
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Is this the guitar in question? Video here.
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Dude , her name's Taylor... so is the guitar .
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Yep, Taylor plays a Taylor. It's custom, and has a lutehole in it.
Swift and her Taylor guitars are featured prominently in the spread: on the cover, she’s pictured strumming her custom koa model aboard one of her family’s Sea Rays, and she poses inside and outside the Country Music Hall of Fame with her koa axe. She also can be seen with her one-of-a-kind, bubblegum-pink T5 and her 615.
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You're right! It's a Taylor!

And isn't she dating that actor, Taylor Lautner? What the hell is up with that?
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If you like the finish then Dean make a range of cheapish acoustics with fancy woods and finishes. No lute holes sadly.
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