Where can we go for a Tuesday night getaway near Boston?
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Where can we go for a Tuesday night getaway near Boston?

Veteran's day is Wednesday and I'd love to take my wife somewhere to escape Boston on Tuesday night. By the ocean, in the woods, in the mountains, or in a city in Western MA would all work. It doesn't need to be fancy (but we'd rather rustic charm than Days Inn). Within a 2 hr drive, and under $150 would be great (< $100 even better). Anyone know of such a place?
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The Porches at MassMOCA in North Adams are a great hotel, and the museum has some interesting stuff on display. The Clark Art museum is in next-door Williamstown if you want to contrast with more traditional art. It's a bit more than 2 hours drive- more like 3, but the hotel room should be $130, and it's a great little place.
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I love Rockport MA in the fall - it's quieter, still as beautiful, and quite romantic. In the off season, you should be fine finding a room <150, it's an hour north of Boston, and has some lovely inns with rustic charm
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Looks like Porches is having a sweet weekday night deal this month.
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Come on up to Portsmouth, NH, or York, ME. York has a great beach and it sure is beatiful this time of year. Quiet, good for a long walk or two on the beach, and a couple great restaurants like Blue Sky and Inn on the Blues.

Portsmouth has tons of great restaurants, and at the Press Room there's live music every night of the week. It's a fun town to stroll and shop and get coffee, there's a great record store and a great bookstore and used bookstore. Right outside of town are some fun speciality food shops and thrift shops. And there's some good local parks for walking,and nearby really nice beaches and short woodsy walks. If you think you might come up, MeMail for details!
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I'm in Marblehead and I can't recommend it higher. It's beautiful, only 35 mins from Boston, tons of stuff to see and do, next to Salem (which is great now that Halloween is over). Beaches are almost deserted at this time. Message me if you want more info.
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I came in here to mention Porches, myself. It's a really charming hotel, and MassMOCA is a great museum. Plus, it's dog friendly (Porches, not the museum). And if you want to mix it up with some outdoors hiking, Mt. Greylock is a short drive away.
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