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Most awesome, pretty and easy to figure out Flickr image gallery plug-in for Word Press?

I'm having some photographers and artists provide content for my LA site, and I want to make sure they're displayed in the most graphically appealing and easy (to navigate as well as to set up) way. I'm not a programmer so I tend to like the plugins that have all sorts of cool features without me having to create them.

Up until now I've been using Picasna for Picasa, and I liked the Lightboxy gallery that it uses but I really am not thrilled with the way the image gallery shows up in the post before you click on it to view the images up close.

Thanks in advance for all of your advice. :)
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I like Pictobrowser, and while there are various plugins which make it easier to include in Wordpress, none are actually required.
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Only *one* comment in eight hours? Wow, I thought waaaay more people would be jumping in to say "I like Lightbox Plus!" and "No, try this Flickr plugin... it's better. I love it on my site." I mean, this place is supposed to be filled with web geeks who know more than I do and have opinions on this kinda stuff! Isn't it?

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Flickr has lots of discussion groups. Why don't you try asking there?
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I've actually never used Flickr... up until now I only posted one photo and that was for people on Metafilter. So this is all new to me. Can you give me a link to a good forum?
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I'm not a wordpress user, so I don't exactly know a good resource. It seems a similar question was asked here on AskMe before, where flickr-tag and other plugins are mentioned. You can search the wordpress plugins for flickr. And there's a wordpress users group at flickr where you could try posting your question.

There are likely other good places that I've missed.
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Yeah, I had already been to some of those pages in my own research and I've tested out four or five of the plug-ins but didn't fall in love with any. In the past I've just found that people here knew of cool stuff that was off the beaten path or had answers or cutting edge shortcut tips that I couldn't find in my own searches. Oh well.

I'll check out Pictobrowser and see what that is, though... thanks.
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Tiltviewer can display flickr images by choosing any that have specified tags. You may have to install next gen gallery for wordpress to use it, but I'm not 100% sure.
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