Brunch for 2 in Houston?
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Romantic brunch ideas in Houston? On a Sunday?

I am thinking somewhere that offers a little more privacy than the local IHOP. Bonus if it's located near other interesting stuff (like shops, parks, etc). I realize things may be closed on Sunday morning.
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You want La Strada. They make great mimosas.
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Hugo's on Westheimer is famous for their Sunday brunch, and there is lots of stuff to see and do in Montrose. Benjy's is pretty great too, and a little cheaper. It's in the Rice Village just a few blocks away from the Rice University campus (beautiful for walking), Hermann Park (zoo, Japanese Garden, etc.) and all the museums in the Museum District. Expect long waits at both if you neglect to call ahead.
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I like the brunch at Hotel Zaza. Overlooks the fountain, near museums and the park, and it's open early. We've found the biggest obstacle is just finding a place open before noon. If you can eat later, you might try Empire Cafe (antique shopping and puttering around) or Daily Review (great garden patio.)
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nthing Benjy's in Rice Village. Ask for a table in the upstairs lounge area. The main dining area is usually crowded and loud - the upstairs lounge is much quieter and relaxing with big smooshy chairs and warm sunlight from the huge windows. Excellent pistachio crusted french toast and white peach mimosas. There's also new Benjy's on Washington (near Westcott).

There are actually a lot of options for brunch before noon. Some of my favorite Houston brunch options (times listed are for Sat/Sun mornings, and all are inside the Loop):

- Baba Yega (Montrose): Excellent brunch buffet. Made-to-order omelets, waffles, fresh fruit (papayas, mangoes, pineapples), eggs benedict, veggie quiches, fabulous desserts - oh, I could go on and on. It's in a cute converted house in Montrose near Fairview, with a garden and pond in the back. Opens at 11am.

- Ziggy's Bar & Grill (Montrose, near Taft): Also in a converted house. Their turkey burritos and orange cake are so yummy. Opens at 8am.

- Baby Barnaby's (Fairview, a few blocks from Baba Yega): Breakfast-only version of the "regular" Barnaby's. Get the green eggs and ham. :) Opens at 8am.

- Farragos (Midtown at W Gray and Bagby): Nice inside courtyard. Opens at 11am.

- Dry Creek (Heights): very nice outdoor seating. Opens at 7am.

- Backstreet Cafe (Shepherd, near W Gray): Same owner as Hugos. Opens at 11am.

- Hungry's Cafe (Rice Village): Very good, healthy bistro-type food. Opens at 9am.

- Black Walnut Cafe (Rice Village): Very good french toast. Opens at 7am on Saturdays; not open Sundays.

- Ruggles Cafe & Bakery (Rice Village): They don't have a brunch-specific menu but they do open at 10:30am on Saturdays.

- Buffalo Grille (Bissonnet in West University): My favorite place in Houston for pancakes. Also excellent migas and cinnamon coffee. Opens at 8am.

- The Hobbit Cafe (Upper Kirby area, Richmond btwn Kirby and Greenbriar): Lots of quiet nooks and crannies in this converted house-cafe. They have breakfast and second breakfast! Opens at 10:30am.

(Pomegranate - I'm definitely going to try Hotel Zaza and Daily Review!)
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