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Where are the best places to buy tape cassettes in Philadelphia?

I know there are a few record stores in Philly, but do these places (or any others) sell tape cassettes? I just recently got a tape player and I'm having a lot of fun with it, but want to find more cheap/obscure/fun tapes to listen to.
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Circle Thrift always has quite a few cassettes, as does the AIDS Thrift in South Philly. And probably other thrift stores! There is a really awesome flea market-style store called Bada Bing under the El near the Berks stop (I think), and they have tons of tapes.

(I just moved from Philly a few months ago, lest ye think I'm just making shit up.)
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Agreeing with Aids thrift and Circle thrift. Pretty much any thrift store, but in recent (as in, Halloween shopping recent) I can attest that The Second Mile in west Philly also has a bunch. Curiosity Shoppe on 4th just north of South St usually has some. The used music/record store whose name I can't remember that's on 5th in between South and Bainbridge used to have tons, but that information is rather stale. I'd also check Mostly Books on 5th & Bainbridge while you are in the neighborhood. (They are across from AIDS thrift.) Just for kicks call the Book Trader in old city and ask them, but that's a little less likely.
Good luck!
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Oh, yeah, definitely Second Mile. And can I just emphasize that Bada Bing is ridiculously cool? Oh, look, I can! They will bargain, too. That place rules. I miss it.
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