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Does anyone know anything about Powell Janulus, the polyglot? Part academic question, part mystery...

I've been tasked to find a bit out about a polyglot named Powell Alexander Janulus (born 1939). From what a Google Search will tell me, he learned many languages (over 50?) and at one point had a language learning school in Vancouver, Canada. He also apparently received the Guiness World Record. However, there seems to be some question as to whether he's still alive, whether his school still exists, and if there is any way to contact him or his family.

The information here didn't lead me anywhere as the phone number is disconnected.

I'm asking because my boss is writing a book containing some references to his material, and would love to get in touch with him or his estate. I'd appreciate the help of better sleuths than myself--do you have ideas on how to track a bit more information on this guy?
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Someone in the comments on this blog claims to be a friend of the family and offers an e-mail address.
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Response by poster: Thanks Sidhedevil--sent an e-mail, haven't heard anything yet. We'll see.
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Well this (PDF) indicates that the Geneva Language Institute (the school) is still operational. And it is listed a number of places with address and phone number. Also, here's a linguist who lists the school as part of her education. Perhaps she knew him?

I think that's all I got.
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Response by poster: Thanks gang! I contacted the Geneval Language Institute, tracked down a woman there who knows Mr. Janulus, called him up and connected him with my boss. Brownie points for me!
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