Income and Outgo for the Happy Couple
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Can anyone recommend a web based money management software for two?

We're trying to put our accounts in one spot where we can monitor them. The problem is we have lots of existing accounts. Here are the requirements:
- support for two users who share accounts
- web based
- ability to import from multiple credit cards, checking, savings, IRAs, investment accounts and loans
- calculators for best loan payoffs and for retirement savings
- ability to categories transactions
- budgeting
- support for the blackberry would be awesome

I will happily pay for a solution; free is not required. We're not looking to change the spending/saving behavior of either person. We just need 1 spot to look for money stuff.
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Best answer: MINT
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Besides MINT



Money Management

Online Accounting Software
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Response by poster: Does mint support multiple users? That seems to be the gap.
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My SO and I also use a single Mint account to track everything.
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(For values of SO that equal husband, I should add.)
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Response by poster: In case anyone comes back to this, we went with Mint. It's not exactly what we wanted, but it's a very nice piece of freebieware.
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