Name that 'tchune?
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What was this non-techno song I heard in Cambridge, UK dance clubs in 2005?

I spent the first six months of 2005 in Cambridge, UK. While I was there I did my share of clubbing (Fez Club, Life, in particular). I've managed to scrap together a playlist of most of the songs that make me nostalgic for my time there, but one song has escaped me. Google has failed me due to my spotty memory and some rather generic lyrics.

Song details:
- Played frequently in dance clubs in Cambridge, UK between January and June 2005
- Fun, upbeat song, frequently sung along to by all in the club
- NOT a techno song (didn't sound like a "dance remix")
- At this point I can't remember exact lyrics except what I believe was "put your hands up," repeated (real helpful, I know)
- Summer / summertime / sunshine may have been involved in the chorus or lyrics of the song.

I know it's a long shot but I've seen miracles worked on MeFi before.
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What are other elements of the song? Was it a hip-hop song? Alt. rock? Pop punk? Lotsa guitars and drums? Synthesized piano loops?
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I'm embarrassed at how spotty my memory is re: this song.

It drew up connotations of guitars on the grass. I'm quite bad with genres - I would have put it in the same genre as Oasis or maybe Athlete.
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Not from 2005, but is an indie anthem that would be sung along to by everyone, and has a "put your hands on" refrain - was it "Place Your Hands" by Reef?
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Summer Jam byUnderDog Project? And various remixes thereof.

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Right era. Heard in the UK about that time. Summer, hands up etc, fun, upbeat. I remember singing along to this in the clubs too.
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put your hands up for detroit? nsfw video
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oh, sorry, missed not a techno song
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Surely it must be Reef and "Place Your Hands" as mentioned by afx237vi above. This was played practically every week at Fat Poppadaddies at Fez though it might have been a remix or mashup.
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