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Has anyone ever used a home microdermabrasion kit? I'm on Retin-A, it's wintertime, and I exfoliate a ton. I need something to help slough it all off a few times a week. Via Froogle, I stumbled on a few handheld units that help exfoliate with a little rotating brush, but don't seem to simultaneously vaccuum away the dead skin like the machines in the dermatologist's office--sorry so graphic! Just wondering if anyone's had the pleasure/displeasure of doing this from home.
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I would call the office of the practitioner who prescribed the Retin-A and ask the nurse what's the best way to cope with winter dryness. My guess is that the nurse will say emollients rather than abrasion. The doctor may also want to reconsider the strength of the Retin-A or change the frequency with which you apply it, at least for the winter.

There is probably an optimal combination of emollients and Retin-A that will get you through the winter. (My stepfather the dermatologist suggests Purpose facial cream with Retin-A treatment.) Also, a dermatology office usually has some sample sizes of ultra-fine scrub that are used in preparation for or recovery from some treatments, and occasional use of those may be the ticket, too (say, if you want to improve your skin's appearance for an event).

Dermatologists generally recommend against abrasive products for regular use. Your skin responds to irritation by rushing to produce replacement cells, and combined with the accelerated sloughing of the Retin-A (which may be at a strength that is more irritating than therapeutic for you right now), abrasion is more likely to leave you raw and blotchy - and feeling dependent on regular abrasion.
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