Pain reflief needed ASAP in Flint, MI
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(FlintMIDoctorFilter) I have been diagnosed with AVN (Necrosis) and require a hip replacement. Can anyone recommend a doctor in Flint, MI for pain management until the surgery? I've called a dozen different doctor's so far this morning to no avail.....

I have gone to the Genessee Free Clinic (due to extreme hip pain), who took some X-rays and after viewing them, referred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon, who confirmed the diagnosis and advised me to apply for Medicaid. (I currently and jobless and uninsured). The Orthopedic Surgeon said I need to get some sort of pain management but it his offices policy that he cannot prescribe anything/schedule surgery/do anything until my Medicaid is approved. Which could take months.

In the interim, my mother has offered to pay for me to see a doctor/pain management specialist to get by until my Medicaid is approved. I have been having a very difficult time finding a doctor that will see me without any sort of health coverage. My Orthopedic Surgeon said that his office will fax his diagnosis to whatever doctor I can find, to verify my diagnosis. I also have a copy of the X-Rays from the free clinic on CD.

The Free Clinic cannot prescribe anything stronger than Ibuprofren.
My Ortho Surgeon told me that he couldn't believe that I was even walking (albeit, with a cane), let alone not lying on his floor curled up in a fetal position, due to the level of Necrosis in my hip. My pain level is always at least a five, sometimes it runs up to an eight on a scale of 1-10.

I am almost ready to go the ER but do not want to deal with the bills. Can anyone recommend a good doctor in the Flint-area that will accept cash payments until my Medicaid is approved? (My Ortho assured me that it will most likely be, as he has seen in past experience).

Thanks in advance!
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I'm so sorry to hear that you have to deal with this in the absence of insurance. Your story is unfortunately all too common and I don't know of a physician I can refer you to but I do have one word of advice:

Pain specialists certainly can do a fine job of treating pain. However they are not alone in this. Many general pratitioners can treat pain as you may already know. Your situation sounds like one where you may have trouble finding a pain specialist, and if you do find one, paying out of pocket for a specialist consultation may run you lots more money than seeing a primary care doctor. The latter may be much easier to find locally as well. It's not uncommon for free clinics to limit the prescription of strong pain meds, but I'd really try to work in an urgent appointment with a general doc (not at a free clinic) to at least get things under control before the pain gets out of hand. The nuissanced management by a specialist can wait or may be entirely unnecessary.
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Nuanced, not nuissanced.. Sorry.
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