Day trips from Daegu?
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Daegu day trip suggestions?

I'm visiting South Korea this month and will be staying with a friend in Daegu. We're spending a weekend in Seoul, but I'm looking for some fun day (or two day) trips to take while she's working. I'm into food, photography, general exploring, and any strange/fun eccentric sites or activities. I don't speak any Korean, but am fine with finding my way around on public transportation. Also, I'm on a grad student budget, so the cheaper the better...
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Never been to Daegu but among ex-pats here in Korea it tends to have a reputation for blandness.

South Korea is really small however, and you're never more than a few hours away from any other part of the country. Personally, I'd head to the Gwangju area (southwest) which is the poorest part of the country but arguably the most "Korean," in the sense that it hasn't modernized as quickly as the rest of the country. There's also Busan, the second largest city, to the southeast, but the attraction for many there are the beaches. Then again, this time of year you would actually find the beaches not covered in people which could be nice. No swimming though, of course.

I'd also suggest a trip to see the Tripitake Koreana at Haeinsa Temple. I'm pretty sure you can take some sort of bus from Daegu, but I haven't been myself. (I had a trip planned with a tour group, but it fell through.)

Have fun!
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Come visit me, I will buy you a beer!

Email in profile, I will be here for the next 5 weeks.
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I thought Gyeongju was a worthwhile daytrip from Seoul (seconding South Korea being really small). It should be easy to reach by bus/train from Daegu.
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I've been to Daegu at least a couple dozen times because my girlfriend lives there (I live in Seoul). There's not a lot to see in Daegu, but you might go to Palgongsan (sorry, not sure about the English spelling), which is a mountain near the city. It's a nice place, and it'll be free. Other than that, go downtown (Jungangro). Club That is popular among expats.

Gyeongju isn't too far away, and it's nice if you're into history (not North/South Korean history, tho), but it'll nickel and dime you all over the place. If you're not into history, I'd say skip it. If you decide to go to Busan, go to Taejongdae. It's free, and IMO it's the best place in Busan.
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Head down to Busan and check out Haeunde beach. There's a ton to do in Busan.
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