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Topical Resortfilter! We're planning a vacation for sometime in 2010, and I have in my mind's eye the image of a every particular kind of resort in a tropical paradise. You've probably seen it before....

There is a long dock that protrudes far out into a calm, clear sea... and there are, well, these bungalows, I guess, would be the best word - these wonderful thatch roof looking abodes that sit out in the water on stilts or something and there's even, I think, a place where the floor is open so you can look down into the water, and it's private and beautiful and awesome.

I have seen places like this before. In advertisements. In forwards from friends that say things like, "Wouldn't you rather be here than at your crappy job?" Ha!

Well, I'm not sure I could afford it, but I think they exist, and I just don't know the Google terminology to even try to search for them. So lend a hand! Do you know of a resort like this? Does it have a website?
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They are in Tahiti, the Maldives, and assorted places in the Carribean. They are quite nice, though not cheap. A package tour we looked at for our honeymoon (plane included) for the Maldives said 4 or 5 nights for $6000 a person. That was from Japan, so it might have been inflated.

If you search any of those places, or get a travel brochure, you'll see those bungalows, and I'm sure you'll love it if you go.
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I think overwater bungalows will find you some examples. They can be found in French Polynesia (Bora Bora, Moorea), Fiji, Maldives. Other places too, but that's a start.
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This question has been asked before.
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So it has. My bad!
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Thai beach resorts come to mind, although I don't know if they have this exact kind of place.

If you find something there that you like, there are great deals on Thai vacations right now. The recent political turmoils have generated a lot of bad press and hurt business, but really haven't made it a bad or unsafe place to go whatsoever.

For more general searches, I'm thinking use the terms eco tourism or eco lodge in your search. Even if you're not focused on "eco," I'm thinking the places that market themselves that way will have the style you're looking for.

You realize you're now obligated to tell us all where you decide to go, right ;)
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Also addressed here.
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cestmoi15, that was the post I was looking for but couldn't find! Also, another one.
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You realize you're now obligated to tell us all where you decide to go, right ;)

Ha! At the prices I'm seeing so far, I think we'll probably decide to go buy a plastic pool in the back yard!
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cestmoi15, that was the post I was looking for but couldn't find! Also, another one.

Well, crap. Apparently I can't use Google *or* AskMe effectively tonight. Sorry for the duplicate, folks.
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This place is, frankly, not really what you were asking for. The cottages are not on the water, and in fact the beach in that area of Kauai isn't all that great. But they are nice little places. I mention it because I had a nice relaxing stay there once, and it may be more suited to a non-billionaire budget.
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We stayed in an overwater bungalow at Meeru in the Maldives and, while not cheap, it was nowhere near $6000 per could get away with a little more than half that for a week. Mind you, getting there from the US can be a royal pain in the ass but it's about as beautiful a place as you'll find.
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Look at places in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico?) or Thailand for some better deals. The pacific islands are very expensive (Fiji, Vanuatu, etc.). If i was you, go to a travel agent, see what they have, what resorts, do a bit of research that way.
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From a little bit of experience, if you are coming from the Midwest USA, your best bet is to fly to Cancun (3.5 hour direct flight and no time change!) and go to one of the resorts south of Cancun. There are really nice places with very quiet and beautiful beaches down there. I love the fact that I can get a morning flight and be on the beach shortly after lunch. MeFi mail me if you want specific places to stay.
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I did the exact thing Mid is suggesting and had the best vacation of my life. About $2000-$2500 for me and my girlfriend.
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Also check out the Dominican Republic - there are some amazingly posh yet affordable resorts down there, and it is by far the most beautiful island that I have been to in the Caribbean.
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Maybe a little closer to home - but Bocas del Toro in Panama I hear is pretty cool.
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I agree with Mid. Fly into Cancun and head down the Mayan Riviera to Playa Del Carmen. It is like a 30 minute drive, is very affordable, and is awesome.
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You could do worse than Staniel Cay or if you have the money PSV
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