What is this Heroic learning technique?
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I'm looking for the name of a cognitive/learning technique in which a person is given two or more questions--on unrelated subjects--and is to give the answer to both questions at the same time.

For example, question one could be, say, what is the square root of 3,450? and then the teacher begins telling a story on a completely unrelated subject. The student must listen to the story intently, and when it is finished, the teacher asks the student specific questions about the story and at the same time answers the math question.

The point being that the student must juggle multiple trains of thought at the same time. Any idea if this technique has a name and what are some resources I can find to learn this by myself?

(I think I read that this is a technique used by Jesuit scholars, though I'm sure it's ancient in origin. Now that I think of it, I remember this from a part in Orson Scott Card's novel Wyrms.)
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