Laboratory of iPhonology
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Any recommendations for iPhone apps or Web apps that will be useful in a basic science lab.

I would like suggestions for handy apps for:

- running multiple timers
- anything that will expand my understanding of modern molecular biology
- literature searching (particularly genetics)
- general productivity

I am already au fait with Things, Evernote, Papers, and iTunes U
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Wolfram Alpha, but I wouldn't pay what they're asking for it now.
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ConvertBot, maybe? Also, don't forget that if you rotate the phone, the stock Calculator goes into scientific mode. If you still need a beefier calculator app, there's Pcalc.
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Iphone: I use Chronology for multiple timers in an experiment I'm running. I also have Tally, which is basically a click counter. Papers has a iphone app version, but I haven't used it, so I cant tell.
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