Anyone know of a good hospice in the SW burbs of Chicago?
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Anyone know of a very good hospice care center in the SW burbs of Chicago?

We just got word that my mom is on her last round of chemo and she needs to get her estate ready. They're estimating 6 months max to live (but who really knows?). We are investigating hospices and got a recommendation of Joliet but that's a little far. I am curious if anyone has a recommendation from relative experience? I went on the Hospice Assoc. site and no matter the zip/criteria, no results come up in my areas.
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Also too far, but my grandmother was in hospice (twice) through the Visiting Nurses Assn of Porter County, Indiana. (The first time, she either got kicked out or she graduated, because after a year she was just doing too well for her to keep them.)

They took great care of her, and they had both in-home services, and a hospice center in Valparaiso where she spent the last day of her life.

So, while it's too far, I'd suggest you call the VNA of Porter County and ask if they have any recommendations. They're good people. They took very good care of my grandma. Phone number is (219) 462-5195.
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Oh, and I'm very sorry to hear about your mom. Best to you and your family.
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Response by poster: Thank you muddpuppie. I'm looking more for Oak Lawn, Palos, Orland, Tinley-ish area. I see a listing via Google but I have no clue about how good they are.

I should have been more clear of the area.
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No, I realize that this isn't the area you were looking for. I just thought they might have working relationships with hospice centers in or near Chicago, since they're only an hour away.
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Best answer: I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. Hospice can provide support for her and the whole family.

My friend works for St. Thomas Hospice as a nurse and she is a wonderful, caring, person. She wouldn't work for a place that wasn't top notch.
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A friend of mine spent her last days with the people at Ingalls.

I've always heard good things about Palos Hospital, perhaps they have a service they recommend?

And/or, check with Pronger Smith Clinic- they are in Blue Island and at ~175th and LaGrange. They may do it, or have a recommendation.

Very sorry...
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Response by poster: Thank you Flacka and GJC. That area is rare to speak of so I appreciate your knowledge and suggestions. :)

It's going to be a rough road.
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