What to do in the Bay Area for New Year's?
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San Francisco filter: Early planning for New Year's Eve in San Francisco? Fun things to do that don't revolve around nightclubs/dancing?

Here's the deal...my brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit over New Year's Eve. We'd like to go to the city (I live in the East Bay) to do something fun, but not necessarily something really crowded.

They're both science majors, and were really excited at the possibility of going to the California Academy of Sciences Nightlife event. Unfortunately, looks like they're not having the event on New Year's Eve.

So, we're basically looking for something fun and unique that wouldn't necessarily involve a nightclub scene. For instance, they loved Martuni's the last time they were here, but we weren't there on New Year's Eve, so I'm not sure how crowded it would be.

So, ideas for something similar to the Cal Academy nightlife event, or to a place with the Martuni's atmosphere? Not exactly similar, I know, but will hopefully give you an idea of what we're not interested in. Thanks!
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Heads up for other people answering: Neither the Exploratorium or Lawrence Hall of Science have anything planned.
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Tickets are pricey for new years, but Teatro Zinzanni is always a riot.
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