Where can I go for a long weekend?
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NYC-er looking for an extended weekend break late November. Europe's good but seems a little far (e.g., with jet lag, etc.), but would like to skip the country a bit. Have been to much of Mexico (though not Maya Riviera, Yucatan), a bit of the "other" Caribbean (Cuba, Trinidad). More culture/nature than clubs, etc. Warmer would be better than colder (though Iceland does call). Am basically trying to maximize the short time I have — given short time budget less important. Anyone got any suggestions?
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I haven't been myself but have heard great things about iceland. It's close (5 hour plane ride) and relatively cheap (their economy is still in the shitter). Jetblue has lots of good deals on carribean destinations, I would keep an eye on their twitter feed for announcements of "cheeps".
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Bermuda is close!
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I spent three weeks in Nicaragua last December, the weather was perfect, the towns were interesting, the landscapes awesome. I went swimming every day in a volcanic crater lake. MeMail me if you're interested in more specific recommendations.
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If you haven't been the the Yucatan, you can fly into Cancun and rent a car to (get out of town fast and) see some of the Mayan remains, maybe Tulum and Coba. Ideal for a long weekend, if the airtrip from NYC doesn't take too long -- sorry, too rushed to check schedules.
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good suggestions so far, thanks!
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Montreal. (Come on, it'll make NYC seem warmer in comparison when you get back.)
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JetBlue direct to Aguadilla on the west coast of Puerto Rico, drive down to Rincón and go surfing.
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just visited the yucatan myself for the first time and spent the week on Isla Mujeres (just off shore from Cancun, and YES get out of there fast--ugh!) it was GORGEOUS, relaxing, fun & fattening :)
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Different country: check
Culture: (depending on the city...Montreal's good, so is Ottawa/Toronto) Check!
Warm: .... we've got heating :)
Close: check. You can easily fly from JFK to Toronto Pearson or Montreal Dorval. Both are within easy access of the cities!
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Actually, come to think of it, some of the best culture is in Quebec city (it's over 400 years old!)
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70-80 and clear skies all November
Highest per capita STEAK consumption in the world
Abundant, cheap, delicious MALBECS and other red wines

Potential for awesome side trips to
-Iguazu Falls
-glaciers of Patagonia
-Mendoza wine country

(did I mention the STEAK?)

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Also: no jet leg (1 hr time zone diff from US Eastern Time; 12 hour flight)
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