Jewelry shopping in Boston
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BostonFilter: Can you point me to a reasonably priced jewelry shop?

I'm new in town and am looking to spend 40-60 bucks buying a simple gift for my girlfriend's birthday. Maybe something a little funky done in silver with semiprecious stones, either a necklace or bracelet, or perhaps earrings.

Can any Bostonian Mefites point me to some stores? I've done some walking around on Newbury and Charles with moderate success, but wanted to query the Hivemind for help.

Bonus points if the shops are in Cambridge or Somerville, but I'm willing to hoof it on the T to any cooler shops.

Further bonus points for any advice on buying jewelry in general.
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How long can you wait? The Cambridge Center for Adult Education hosts "Holly Fair" every winter, and there were a bunch of local jewelers there. It doesn't look like they've announced dates for this year yet, but last year it was a couple weeks before Christmas. The Unitarian Church (on Church Street, funny enough) also holds a craft fair around the same time frame that had some jewelers last year.
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You might want to visit the Jewelers Exchange Building (333 Washington Street) in Downtown Crossing. There are many jewelery shops all in one building. Take the Red Line to Park Street (cross the street and walk down Winter Street one block) or the Orange Line to Downtown Crossing.
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Here are some of my favorite stores in Somerville and Cambridge. I know you didn't specifically ask for vintage jewelry sources, but I think going that route could help you stay within-budget.

In Cambridge:

Boutique Fabulous (don't be put off by the name; it's actually very cool, plus it's locally-focused).

Vintage Revenge has really beautiful, well-curated vintage stuff. Love this place.

In Somerville:

Davis Squared: similar to Boutique Fabulous: upscale but mostly local stuff.

Magpie: across the street from Davis Squared. A little funkier and cheaper.

Artifaktori: more vintage. Not my favorite, but other people seem to love it.

Poor Little Rich Girl: Davis Square standby. Large vintage jewelry collection.
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In Harvard Square:
Cambridge Artist's Coop.
All of these have reasonable and pricey options.

In Porter Square:
Kitty Haas - hit or miss, but the price is usually right.
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Also in Porter Square, the Sign of the Dove artists' co-op, located in the weird glassed-in "market" space in the CVS building, has some great jewelry.
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