Free/Open Source Scan-to-PDF Software?
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What's the best free or open source software (for Windows XP) which will scan multiple pages in a row and output a PDF with zero fuss?

I don't really like the software that came with the scanner and I don't want to pay for Acrobat Pro. Currently I'm using OpenOffice Draw, which works fine except for having a few too many mouse clicks between importing each page as a scanned picture -- which are annoying when I'm trying to concentrate on something else while I scan a bunch of things in.

Ideally I'd like to just place a new page, close the lid, click a button, scan, rinse, repeat. That's basically how Acrobat Pro does it, but is there a free/OS alternative that behaves the same way?
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Best answer: Windows XP has built-in support for scanning. Use PDFill PDF Tools to join several PDFs into one.
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Best answer: My similar question brought a suggestion of VueScan, which seems to do what you're asking for. Not free, but there's a demo period.
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Response by poster: Meant to thank you both earlier. (Thanks!) Next time I'm on a scanning jag I'll give your recommendations a whirl.
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