Italian fruitcake?
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Thin, seasonal Italian fruitcake. What is it called? Where can I buy it?

In late 2008 I purchased an "Italian fruitcake" from NapaStyle. No longer in their catalog. The sucker was about an inch thick and 9 to 10 inches diameter. Dense, chewy interior. Dusted with what I assume was powdered sugar. Wrapped in heavy paper lined with foil.

I thought I recalled from the catalog text that this was something of a seasonal delicacy where it came from. Could be they were just making that up.

What is it? Where (online) can I buy it?
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Best answer: Panforte is what it's called (not to be confused with panettone.
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i think you might be referring to Panetone.
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oh wow! i've never seen/heard of Panforte before.

Google has quite a few results for buying it online.
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Anyway, you can buy it through Amazon from various sellers.
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It is definitely panforte though it can also be referred to as Siena panforte, or Siena honey cake.

Here is a good recipe if you like to make it yourself
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This sounds fantastic, and not too hard to make, either. Ditto this, and more on Chowhound.
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Response by poster: Panforte it is! And some great stuff it was!!

Thanks all.
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I know you have your answer, but your question brought Stollen to mind. So there's another delicious Christmas fruitcake to try when you have the opportunity!
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