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Philly Runners: How do you combine running and volunteering?

I'm working on compiling some resources for runners in Philadelphia. One aspect I'm having trouble with is finding ways to combine running and volunteer work. I know about Back on My Feet ( but I'd like to find other Philadelphia-based organizations that need people who run (dog shelters? after school programs, etc).

Thanks for your help!
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Girls on the Run
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Help a blind person to run by partnering with them once or twice a week. If Philly lacks the org, then contact whatever the US version is of CNIB and ask them for a client.
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The Philadelphia Marathon site lists several running-oriented charities.

Girls on the Run is also terrific. It doesn't appear to have a branch in Philly yet, but the Students Run Philly Style is a similar organization.
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Hm. Nothing blindness related. Gina, time to start one. Being forced to be sedentary is a huge issue for the blind and they can't run outdoors without your help.
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Thanks for the links, I see there are Girls on the Run programs in Montgomery, LeHigh and Chester counties so that is a good start.

I have contacted the Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ASB) who are located in Philadelphia to ask them if they have any programs for helping blind people run.

These are great ideas, thanks for the help!
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Thanks for your help everyone. Here is the wiki page if you're looking for resources on volunteering in Philly!
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