Internet art?
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Internet art?

I'm looking for internet art and the people behind them. To be clearer, ideas that can be put together only in the age of the internet. I mean art of the kind here: Internet Art,, the work of Aaron Koblin, Golan Levin, Ze Frank.

Collectives/groups also welcome.

Most of the above are from the US, please show me some international flavors too.
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That's an enormous category, you really need to narrow it down. Instead I'll give you just one: Marius Watz and GeneratorX. The Processing community will lead you to a lot of others and you could easily spend half a day running down links.
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Response by poster: Hmm. I'll wait it out to see the answers here. See also my latest post.
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Toronto Ontario Canada's Benjamin Bruneau is the smartest and funniest web artist I know of today.
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ThruYOU, a musical collage by Israeli artist Kutiman composed of awesome remixed tunes with extremely catchy beats, all made entirely out of dozens of YouTube videos carefully blended together. Totally amazing, and simply impossible without the internet as an easy provider of amateur musicmaking.
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Rhizome and Turbulence are good starting points. Both sites have tremendous archives and active blogs that cover emerging work.
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Seconding Rhizome and Turbulence, as apparrish said. You may also find this book helpful.
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This is interesting - I am doing some research on this very topic right now... I will check out some of these suggestions later. My favorite Internet artist I have found is Rafael Rozendaal of The various animated, interactive things he has made are very Web-technology specific in that they rely on Flash.
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SITO (formerly OTIS until the Otis College of Art threatened 'em) has been around the internet since before the www. I used to participate in their projects through ftp and irc.
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