Recommendations for reasonably-priced and distinctive jeweler in Manhattan?
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Recommendations for reasonably-priced and distinctive jeweler in Manhattan?

I'm looking for recommendations for a not-terribly expensive jeweler in Manhattan (if such can be found!). I'd prefer a place with a distinctive style. In particular, I'm looking for an engagement ring.

I can also travel out to the other boroughs, but don't have a lot of time in the city.

(Previous questions have been about repairs rather than purchases.)
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I don't know what your take is on not-terribly expensive, but some years ago I bought a lovely ring for Mrs MM with tiny rubies in it from Push (now Karen Karch), who are on Mulberry St, for $550.

At the time, they had some quite nice diamond rings that were cheap (largely because they used small, yellowish diamonds in a funky design).

On preview, Karen Karch looks a little more expensive than than Push, but prices are on the website so you can browse before you go looking.
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Well, in Brooklyn but not too far out is the Clay Pot.
They have really beautiful and distinct jewelry that doesn't look at all like that rock-on-a-ring style you find so often.
3 of my friends now have engagement rings from there and they are each very different rings and women, and all are happy.
The recs on google maps seem to echo this. "If you are looking for a great piece of jewelry that isn't boring, Clay Pot is for you."
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Seconding the Clay Pot. Got my wifes engagement ring there and other pieces over the past dozen years. Prices are fair, quality is excellent. People there are very helpful.
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Not sure what your definition of "expensive" is for engagement rings, but Doyle and Doyle on the LES has a great selection of estate and antique jewelry at a range of prices.
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