I need to find shiny sparkly clothes.
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So my friend has some sort of overdeveloped magpie region of her brain and loves sparkly shiny clothing (think sequins, covered in glitter). Where can I find something extra special for christmas for her?

Skirts, tops, dresses - hell, even pyjamas or accessories. I would love your ideas of where to purchase such sparkly items. UK-based is very preferable. Budget of £50 but preferably a bit cheaper. Thank you all in advance!
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The current trends are perfect for your friend! Sequin dresses are very popular at the moment, you could probably find one at most high street retailers. I saw a gorgeous sequin silver dress in the H&M window the other day - can't find a link, sorry. Here's a similar one from ASOS. Here is a shiny gold top from FCUK, and a sparkly detail on another. Or, here's a silver sequin jacket, also from ASOS.
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Do you have Express in the UK? They're very big on sparkly clothes right now.
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Sparkly pajamas would be incredibly uncomfortable, I'd stay away from that.

Rather than buying her clothes (which may or may not fit), do you know her shoe size? Sparkly shoes would be really fun, and though they may not end up being the most comfortable shoes she owns, how often does one really wear sparkly shoes for comfort?

I don't know the UK sites too well, but I found this, this, and this.

Also awesome, if less wearable: this and this.
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Accessorize (NICE and sparkly) and/or Claire's Accessories (nice and SPARKLY)
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Ostwald Helgason x ASOS labyrinth leggings are not for the faint of heart. HOLOGRAMS!
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Agree, sequins and glitter are right on trend. Does she like nailpolish? Zoya's new Ultra Glitter range is hottie hot hot. And China Glaze has a ton of nice ones too. (that's my friend's blog)
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Sod the clothes and get her tickets for Priscilla the Musical. She may not be able to keep it afterwards, but there are levels of sparkly in that the High Street can't possibly match.

Friend who has done some stage costuming reckons you can't get sparklier than Swarovski - may be too expensive for your budget, but for sparkle-intensity that's where you're looking.
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Three words: Japanese Acrylic Nails.

Find a nail salon that offers this (usually a trendy nail/beauty salon, and a lot of the girls who work in the salon will have crazy sparkly charm-filled nails also) and get her a gift certificate to get a set done!

You can also find some nail artists on the internet who make these nails and sell them via mail. This girl on livejournal doesn't seem to be active anymore but a friend of mine bought a set from her and loved them.
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