Help me find this photo taken by Bob Jackson
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Help me find a better copy of a famous(?) desegregated school photo. You can see it here, on the left side of the second row from the bottom.

I went to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas earlier this year, where I saw a really great photo of a couple children looking out a window at a newly desegregated school, taken by Bob Jackson. Right now, that little thumbnail is the only copy I can find. I'm interested in finding better, either as an electronic image, or else a hardcopy for purchase. Google has failed me. Do you know where I can find it?
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I'd start by contacting the staff at the Sixth Floor museum and asking them. A lot of museums are staying afloat financially right now by selling prints from photos in their collections, so it is likely they have a system set up to handle your request. It might be a photograph that is in their permanent collection and they could sell you a print. Or, if the photograph is not in their collection or they do not hold the copyright to it, they could point you in the right direction.
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