But I don't have a sideways scroll button!
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Is there a Greasemonkey script to turn side scrolling websites into up-down scrolling websites?

I view a lot of photographer's websites. Or, I would, if it weren't for the current fad for putting all the images on one line and making me scroll sideways. [random example]

I don't have a scroll button that goes sideways! I do however, have Firefox with Greasemonkey installed. I've tried to google to find a solution myself, but I'm a relative newbie to using this extension and I don't know where to start. Does anything exist that could help me view these websites and not kill my wrists/eyes in the process? Is it logistically too difficult because of the variations in HTML/CSS etc? Please hope me!
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What OS are you running? On Mac OSX you can scroll sideways by holding the shift key then using your scroll wheel. (If you have one.)

Alternatively, I'm pretty sure that Firefox globally supports clicking the scroll wheel to produce a multi directional scroller of sorts. But, don't quote me on that.

(Upon further review) Windows might also offer a side scrolling feature if you hold Alt+Ctrl. (Source)
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I didn't see a script such as you describe lurking amidst the usual Greasemonkey suspects, but I didn't do a deep dive.

For your particular random example, it's dead simple to write a script that does what you want. The biggest issue you will encounter with a script modification is that different sites' implementation of a side-scrolling view may not have layout commonality with other sites. That would make it tricky or impossible to create a small script containing simple logic to work with all of them.

If you don't get a better answer to the sideways to vertical question here, hit my inbox in a couple. I can write you a script that should at least work with your top (pick a number, let's just say five now) noncomplex sites. If they're all similar to your first example, it's not much of a task to code a picture line-breaking case for each site, plus those with the same internals, and roll it into one script. More complex sites, now, those can mean actual work, and I already have enough of that. But simple script stuff on request, no problem.

(Dislike side-scrolling sites, myself, and my mouse supports it.)
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Because of the limitations of GM and the inconsistencies in HTML/CSS, you're much better off looking for a OS hack to alter the behaviour of your mouse using a modifier key or similar method.
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Have you tried pressing the middle mouse button? It will show up a up/down or right/left arrow sign and then you just have to move your mouse in the direction you want to scroll.
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Yikes, I forgot I asked that question, so sorry everyone. I had no idea about the Firefox multidirectional scroll wheel option that 47triple2 mentioned, so I'll just use that in the future. But thank you mdevore too, I would not have expected such a kind offer to actually made a script.
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