Short term housing in/near Worcester, MA
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I need short-term housing within 45 min drive of Worcester, MA. I'm open to apartment/hotel/hybrid suggestions, but right now, everything looks the same and I'm eager to hear others' experiences in the area.

I will start a new job within a few weeks in Worcester, MA. My husband can't come along for a month or two, so as the worst case scenario, I figured I would just get a cheap hotel room for the time being and be on the lookout for better options.

Do you know of a better option? I see that there are short-term apartments available, but they all look sort of the same to me. If someone had had a really good experience somewhere, that would be nice to know (and bad experiences would also be helpful to hear about). I lived in Worcester several years ago and I guess I would prefer not to live right in the city...I never had much love for the city but I enjoy all the little towns surrounding. I like quiet a ton and would be willing to have to drive a little bit further/pay more/climb extra stairs/be a little inconvenient to drive to in order to obtain that quiet. I also need to feel safe though... It makes me think a high rise building with some thick walls (but still lots of people around) might be the best thing for me while I'm living alone. A place to park the car is another requirement..

As far as my price range, $50 per night would be about the max, but I'd pay it for a nice place, since this is so short term. Anything cheaper would be a bonus. Thanks for your help...
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Best answer: There's a decent hotel in West Boylston about 5 mins from the Worcester line. Classic Inns and Suits its $275 a week which is a little more then you want to spend but its a good location. I've never stayed there, there are mix reviews but recently they have been doing updates to the hotel. There are three local restaurants right next door, a cafeteria style place across the street, a Wal-Mart 2 minutes down the road and 2 minutes from the 190 on ramp. There is plenty of parking there and as for feeling safe, its West Boylston, Ive lived here my whole life and nothing ever happens here. If you want any more info feel free to mifi-email me. Hope this could be some help!
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Response by poster: Thanks lilkeith07...Just realized I had never "closed" this question. I didn't take you up exactly on your suggestion, but I did end up renting a house in West Boylston (and so I am now familiar with the Classic Inns and Suites incidentally...I think that would have been fine too). We really enjoyed W. Boylston and the commute to downtown Worcester is a dream, not mention the great food places around there and an easy trip to the Greendale Y. Shopping is a little sparse out there besides Walmart,but no biggie. My husband did join me a few weeks after I started renting the house and after all these months, we bought a house just across the Sturbridge line in Southbridge.Little less convenient commute but we couldn't afford what we wanted in WB unfortunately :) THanks again for the suggestion...definitely was a factor in deciding to take the house in WB...
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