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How Do I Delete a Gmail Custom Folder?

In Gmail, under the logo at the top left, there's a column of links to standard folders: Compose Mail, Inbox, Starred, Sent Mail, Drafts, Spam and Trash.

Below that is divider line and then a list of custom folders I've created to save various categories of mail.

I accidentally created a duplicate custom folder. It's not findable via Vista Explorer, but exists only within Gmail.

I can't find any way within Gmail to delete a custom folder. Right-clicking on it brings up a menu with no delete option. When I go into the folder, the Delete option works only on messages already in the folder.

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Click the square next to the label --> pop-up menu --> "Delete label"
posted by Jaltcoh at 12:15 PM on November 2, 2009

Splitting hairs, it's not a folder, it's a label. Messages can have multiple labels applied to them. All the messages with the label will still be in your mailbox after you delete the label.
posted by GuyZero at 12:27 PM on November 2, 2009

In addition to Jaltcoh's solution, you can also select "manage labels" (either via the link at the bottom of the label list, or via Settings -> Labels) to get an overview of all labels, and hide or remove the ones you don't need.
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Thanks everyone!
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