Capture web content yet retain formatting?
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Can anyone suggest a tool that does a better job of selecting only the web content you want to archive yet keeps the formatting when copied?

I find that I frequently need to capture content from all over the web for my own knowledge database. This includes portions of articles, comments, blog posts, etc … For better or for worse I have settled on Microsoft Outlook as the repository for my knowledge base. I have compared lots of different tools and OneNote 2007 is for the moment the best option that fits my needs. That being said I am having trouble finding a tool that will allow me to capture only that data (text and images) I need from a web page.

For the time being I have been using the “Aardvark” plug-in for Firefox that allows me to selectively remove or isolate sections of a web pages document object model. Once I have isolated the content I want to capture I then copy and paste into OneNote.

The problem I find is that the content I copy often times does not retain its formatting (font, alignment, etc ..) when pasted into OneNote. I want to avoid having to take screen shots for various reasons (search ability, archive size, etc ..).

Any suggestions on a better method or tool? Thanks.
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Google Notebook.
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Unfortunately Google Notebook is no longer being developed. Also the fact that it is only available online rules it out for me.
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Just a note: you can export Google Notebook content as PDF (or .DOC) for offline via Google Apps. Doesn't help the fact that it's not being developed anymore, but there it is.
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Evernote is the way to go here.
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Normally I'd recommend DevonThink, but it appears that you're talking Windows. If that's the case, try Zotero.
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Scrapbook does this perfectly for me. I also use it to print recipe blog posts without the sidebars or comments.

The only problem i have is that it is local only.
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Not a great solution but I've found that IE does a better job of maintaining formatting when copying into MS tools (in particular it keeps tables straight when copying into excel)
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I have been loving Printliminator to clean up web pages for print. It makes it easy to remove inline ads, images, menus. It also can mass remove images. You could try copying/pasting after cleanup or just printing to PDF.
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Try Surfulator. It adds a context menu to IE and FF so you can just select what you want (entire web page or part), right-click, save to a category. I love it.
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Another vote for Evernote.

Zoot, version 6, will have this capability when it's out of beta.
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Another vote for EverNote. Has a great browser plugin too.
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Evernote is great ,
zootool it allows you to save snapshots of pages/
Diggo - Allows note taking within webpages/ articles etc

as for Onenote idea is good, why not take a screenshot instead of copying/paste. One note has OCR built in, so words in snapsot will show up in search results while preserving formatting
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