Korean Food in Boston
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Seoul House - does anyone know where the Seoul House in Newton, MA went or what happened? Alternatively, does anyone remember the Seoul House and know equally good Korean food in the Boston area?
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Never been to Seoul House, but Seoul Food in Cambridge is great.
posted by darsh at 12:32 PM on January 6, 2005

Koreana in Cambridge at 154 Prospect St was good when I went there a few years ago. It's since burned down and been rebuilt though, so things may have changed...
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I went to Koreana and it wasn't cheap, but boy was it good. Mmmm.
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Seoul House probably just folded like so many asian restaurants in Newton. How many different restaurants was Green Tea before it's present (very good) incarnation? And the restaurant formerly known as Pandan Leaf (I can't remember the latest name) here in Upper Falls just changed names again.

The market's so saturated here that even the strong don't always survive.

(joke answer: "It closed because jews don't like Korean food.")
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It closed because jews don't like Korean food.

So true.

I remember a fantastic Malaysian restaurant in Brookline called Pandan Leaf. It even won a "Best of Boston" award or two. But its location doomed it. Oh well.

As for recommendations: I don't know how "fancy" you're looking, but there's an OK Korean restaurant on Harvard Ave. in (gulp) Allston. I don't know if it's still there, and I don't remember the name of it, but I can tell you how to get there:

Take the green line (B) to Harvard Ave. (Allston), get off the train and head north on Harvard Ave., past the Boston Market on the corner (it might be a McDonald's now). Go down about 3 stores and it will be a VERY SMALL storefront on the right. Good luck.
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Civil_Disobedient, as referenced in my previous post, Pandan Leaf actually moved to deepest, darkest Newton Upper Falls (on Oak Street near the train tracks), changed its name, and then changed names again a month ago. You can still get Pandan Leaf entrees there.
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Wow, I completely missed that, Mayor Curley. Sorry for the stupidity, and thanks for the update.
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Civil_Disobedient, that small Korean restaurant on Harvard Ave moved to the corner to Brighton and Harvard a little while ago - follow the same directions, but keep walking to the next major intersection - it's across the street. Never been though
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Another vote for Koreana. My Korean friends here eat at Koreana, so that's got to be worth something.
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