Little text manipulation help?
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I need some help repairing some text files. I don't really understand regular expressions and so on enough.

I have two badly formed mbox files.

One is missing the "From " indicator that a new message is about to begin. Instead, there's a "From: ." I need this second "From: " to stay there, as without it the messages all show up as having no sender when I import them into any client. Thus, I need a way to add a "From " to the line above each line where a "From: " occurs. As far as I know the "From " is just some mailer daemon's email that I don't really care about.

The second is the same, but the messages also show up has having a bad date. Currently, there is a field labeled along the lines of "Sent: Monday, January 13, 2003 1:11 PM." Properly mbox files seem to look like "Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 12:53:22 -0600." While just changing "sent" to "date" fix that, or do I need some really good regexing?
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Response by poster: I am running OS X so I have the full range of Unix programs. I also have TextMate.
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Can you supply a sample file with bad output the output you want? (just a single message)
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Response by poster: Here's a non-personal example


From "Warp Bot"
To: "Warp Info"
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 12:33 PM
Subject: Warp Records Letter - March 28th - live news

Hello and welcome to a Warp Records news letter.
We have lots and lots of live action coming up.


This one lacks both a proper sender and a proper date.

It should be:


From: "Warp Bot"
To: "Warp Info"
Date: 21 Mar 2002 12:33
Subject: Warp Records Letter - March 28th - live news

Hello and welcome to a Warp Records news letter.
We have lots and lots of live action coming up.


If the date does have to be reformatted, I don't care about getting the time right. Just the date.
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1. Search: From \"Warp Bot\"

Replace: From MAILER-DAEMON(ctrl-m character)From: \"Warp Bot\"

2. For the date, you'll need to do 12 searches for the different months.

First, replace Sent: with Date:. Then get rid of all your days of the week (search for "Thursday, " for example, with the space, and replace with nothing). Then:

Search: March {[0-9]+},

Replace: \0 Mar(space)

Then do this with the different months.

Hope this helps; it's been a while.
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Best answer: Here's a sed command to fix your From lines, if i'm understanding your problem correctly:
(Substitute appropriate values for YOUR_FILE and NEW_FILE)
cat YOUR_FILE |sed -e 's/^From/From MAILER-DAEMON\nFrom:/'  >  NEW_FILE
I think you missed a : after the first From in your example, if this is true just remove the last : from the regex.

To just substitute Date for Sent and see if it works, do also this:
cat NEW_FILE | sed -e 's/^Sent:/Date:/' > NEWER_FILE

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Hard to say without trying it on your input files, but `formail` is usually good for mbox munging.
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Response by poster: Emails should begin in a mbox file with a "From " (no colon). The "From:" is the real-life sender.
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Response by poster:
cat YOUR_FILE |sed -e 's/^From/From MAILER-DAEMON\nFrom:/' > NEW_FILE

This *almost* works. It puts in the new "From " line before the "From: " field. But there's no linebreak between them.

I get this:

From MAILER-DAEMONn From: "John B"

From this:

From "John B"

When what I really want is this:

From: "John B"

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The \n should have been a line break, are you sure you aren't forgetting the \ after DAEMON?
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to elaborate on alikins recommendation of formail:
processing mbox files is the reason for formail's existence. From the formail(1) manpage:
To convert a non-standard mailbox file into a standard mailbox file you can use:
    formail -ds <old_mailbox >>new_mailbox
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Response by poster: Yes, I put in the command exactly as given, except for replacing the filenames, and the newline is not put in.

I'll look at formail; these are actually "valid" mboxes as long as they have a "From " begining each new mail, it's just the fields are a bit out of whack.
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Response by poster: Ok, the sed command worked perfectly in Linux. Maybe by 2060 newline inconsistencies between platforms will be worked out.

formail didn't make heads or tails out of this, by the way. And I'm better off trying to learn sed. Thanks, everyone! I'll be back for date-mangling if I need to. I hope I don't need to.
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Response by poster: Oh, I did have to add a bit more verbage to the "From " line, but that was easy.
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You can regex from 'date' format to RFC822 format like this:

cat NEW_FILE | perl -pe 's/^Sent:.*([A-Z]..)[a-z]* (\d+), (\d+) (\d+):(\d+) ([AP]M)/sprintf "Date: %0.2d %s %04d %0.2d:%0.2d %0.2d%0.2d", $2, $1, $3, $4 % 12 + 12 * ($6 eq "PM"), $5, -5, 0/e' > NEWER_FILE

(where you replace that -5 with your time zone's offset from GMT)
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