e-mailing multiple addresses within one Entourage Contact.
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Using Entourage to send to multiple e-mail addresses with one Contact.

Staff members are using Entourage for e-mailing groups. These groups often contain people with multiple e-mail addresses, and for various reasons, all these e-mail addresses must be contacted. So Jon Doe will have a home and work e-mail. However, when sending to a Contact with a Group (or even individually), it will only send to their default address instead of all listed, like Outlook would.

So my question is: Is there a way to send to all e-mail addresses within one contact by default? Some users have hundreds of contacts, each with multiple e-mail addresses listed, in their distribution groups, and we'd rather avoid having to go back and modify all their groups.
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This is not the answer you'd like, but it is possible to make a group of groups, so that if you made a group for each person that held all of their email addresses (maybe labeled as "JaneDoe_group"), you could then make a master group of all the sub-groups. If you filter on the word "_group", you could add all of these at once to the master group.

I don't know if there's a better way to do this in Entourage. If it's any comfort, it might be possible to write an AppleScript that chewed through the Contacts and made these groups for you. Or being Entourage, it might not be possible, and one would have to make the individual groups by hand.
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