Mover recommendation Canada -> US?
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I just want my stuff! Mover recommendation Canada -> US?

I'm currently in Alabama, but all of my stuff is on a small island off the west coast of Canada. Since I'm going through the process of getting permanant resident status, I can't leave the US to get it/sort it/move it, but it's costing a bomb to leave it there. Most of it is packed, though there is some art and kitchen stuff that should be packed better if it's going long distance. My roommate would be able to be there and supervise.

So, MeFites, who would you suggest as a reliable mover who handles Canada-US moves? I checked the archives, but the most recent post I found was a couple of years old and related to moving to the UK. Since there be dragons out there in moverland, I'd love to hear your personal recommendations and tips.
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Many mover recommendations here and I'd try searching the forums for your specific move.
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Since it's already packed, I suggest one of those container ship jobbies. Public Storage has one, I bet uHaul has one nowadays. They deliver the packed containers to your door. Cheaper and less traumatic than repack and move.
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Have you considered PODS?
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Seconding The site helped me a lot when moving cross country. Not just reporting scams, the people there are pretty knowledgeable.
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