Help me find a wooden engagement ring in the UK
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Recommend me a preferably UK-based wooden engagement ring seller.

From this question a while back, I have fallen in love with the wooden rings from this seller however, I am worried about ordering them from a seller in another country – different ring size systems – and without knowing anyone who has had any experience of them.

So, firstly I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone UK based that is selling similar work – my Google-fu is only strong enough to bring up very bad sites.

Or, secondly, if someone could recommend someone on personal experience.

Additional information if needed:

I would need two, not necessarily matching, rings for a same-sex (male) engagement. We are both UK size R. The ultimate idea is to have these as engagement rings then ‘upgrade’ to a metal ring for the civil partnership as a metaphor for our relationship becoming stronger.
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Stephen Einhorn in Islington makes rings using 2000 year old Thames wood.
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If you're near London you've just missed Origin 2009, the annual crafts fair, which had some lovely wooden and other non-metal jewellery. Take a look at the Crafts Council website though, which has links to exhibitors. These exhibitions are curated and tend to be excellent quality.

A similar possibility would be to look out for open days and designer listings at design incubators - the one I know best is Cockpit Arts which has an open day coming up later this month and also has online listings for its designers.

And congratulations!
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Best answer: New Forest? iainclaridge? Justin Duance?
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Response by poster: Oh. Should probably have said: Looking at spending about £150 each.
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Post a request here.
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Best answer: I completely love Justin Duance's rings. I have seen them in the flesh and i well and truly want one. They'd be PERFECT for wedding rings too.
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Response by poster: Justin Duance it is. Just placed an order.

Thank you so much.
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