Help a Canadian travel with peace of mind!
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I'm a Canadian abroad with expired health insurance. What options do I have for a new policy?

I need private health insurance for a 6 week trip to India, departing from New Zealand. I've been out of Quebec, Canada since October 2008, and I'm returning in December 2009. My private health insurance (bought through Travel Cuts) has expired, and they will not sell me a new plan without being in Canada.

I was then going to book through World Nomads, which does allow policy purchases after leaving Canada. However, they require Canadians to confirm that they are still covered under provincial health insurance. Since I have been out of Quebec for more than 183 days this year, and did not obtain a letter of extension before departure from Canada, apparantly I am no longer covered. So I can't get the World Nomads insurance.

All the policies I have looked at require booking before the trip, or being out of Canada for less than six months. I have seen this question asking about good travel insurance in Quebec, but it doesn't seem to address what to do without having a valid extension from Quebec health.

Help!! Do I have any options?? My main concern is having coverage for major medical emergencies.

Thanks in advance!
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Can you not get insurance through a company in New Zealand? During my extended stay in Argentina I was able to get local health insurance. They weren't concerned with my residence status and it included a degree of travel cover.
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A google search gave this..

I would actually talk to one of the major insurance companies. They may not give you a policy but may give further ideas.
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Response by poster: [Very late] update: The only insurance company I found that was willing to cover me being out of Canada, and with expired provincial insurance, was International Medical Group (IMG). It's an American insurer, and a bit expensive, but it covered my needs under my particular circumstances.

Once I was back in Canada, I took out a policy with Global Nomads for my next trip. I didn't make any claims, luckily, but their site was easy to use and renew online. I would use them again in the future because of ease of use and ability to do everything online.
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