Low-cost eyeglasses in East Bay, CA?
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Asking for a client -- free or low-cost eyeglasses in the East Bay/Alameda County?

Client without money, job, or health insurance needs free or low-cost glasses in the East Bay to get his next job. Any suggestions?
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If he has a prescription already, he can order glasses for about $10 from zennioptical.com. Glasses AND frames. They're made in San Rafael and usually ship in a few days.
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I would suggest contact your local Lions Club - they frequently run eyeglasses charity events.
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Go to GlassyEyes.com They list a BUNCH of websites where you can purchase your prescription on line!

I bought my glasses from eyebuydirect.com, and am QUITE pleased! It took 2 weeks to get them, but my strong prescription was filled for only $90 instead of the $500 they usually cost!

Get a prescription at Walmart or Sears Optical for about one hundred dollars.

You may also go to Lenscrafters and ask about their eyeglass recycling program. They take people's "old" prescriptions and donate them. They may be able to help you with getting a pair for this person!

If the person served for more than 180 days in the military at ANY time, they could be eligible for VA coverage. They can get a free exam, but will have to buy the glasses themselves unless they get a service connection for an injury received on active duty (not necessarily in a war zone, I am 50% service connected for PTSD from the '80s, and get one pair of glasses for free each year. They REALLY do a good job with the exam and taking care of my vision!)
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You might want to ask the UC Berkeley School of Optometry. They have a clinic in which the final-year students examine patients for a cost that is lower than what professional optometrists charge. The students tend to be a little slower than professional optometrists, but their instructors supervise all their work, and the service is first-rate. It has been a while since I've been there, so you'll have to contact them directly about their prices. If they are too expensive, or they can't make arrangements for low-income patients, they may know of someone who can help.

Good luck!
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I don't live in the area so I think my suggestion is a little further than where you are looking, but I have heard great things about the Optical Underground. It's in the Union Square neighborhood of SF. Here is their price list for lenses, and here is a coupon for $25 off.
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Another vote for Lions Lighthouse. They do fantastic work.
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Thanks, I just passed all of these along
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