Yelp a Paris?
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Is there a Yelp-type site for restaurants in Paris (or Europe, as a whole)?

Ideally I'd like a restaurant guide for Paris that is based on user reviews, is easy to search and bookmark like Yelp to make my meals in Paris a breeze. I'll even take a blog or a list if that's all I can get. Any suggestions are welcome.
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Back in 2004-05, I got a lot of mileage from This summer I noticed that a lot of their reviews were rather old, but they do still have some new ones.

These days I tend to go to my old standbys, and to use Claude Lebey's printed guides when I want to try something new. But it's still worth checking Mmmm.
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Best answer: A blog, and includes more of a general guide to Paris, but some great food/drink ideas by arrondissement here:
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When in Rome...
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Best answer: Qype is Yelp for Europe.
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Maybe this is lame, but I think TimeOut usually has good recommendations.
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Besides Qype, try Cityvox. Tons of user reviews though mainly in French.
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I usually use O├╣Bouffer (in French) or its sister site eat-out (in English). The French site is more comprehensive but they both have worked well for us.
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No one has mentioned Tripadvisor? I find it to about as useful/maddening as Yelp.
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I second the recommendation for Last time I was in Paris it was the closest thing to a locals review site. Paris also has Michelin, Gault-Millau, and Zagat guides, in increasing order of Americanness.

For general European recommendations TripAdvisor is the most useful site I know. They have a decent iPhone app, too. Beware that, as with Yelp, every single restaurant gets 4 stars out of 5 and there's no distinguishing the local pizza shop, the fine temple of gastronomy, and the Texas-themed restaurant. But if you're in a strange mid-sized city with no guide, it'll get you started.
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