Broken Trash Compactor - How to Remove and Alternatives to Replacing?
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I need to remove this broken trash compactor. Does anyone know how to get it out?

(and bonus points if you can think of an inexpensive way to fill that space and have it look nice.) I really don't want to replace something I'd never use.
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See if you can pop off the dark top cover piece, then look for screws holding it to the underside of the counter top. You should then be able to slide it out. Then you can install a garbage drawer.
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Best answer: Here you go.
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Response by poster: @TDIPod, that looks like a good replacement, but I don't have a cabinet cover. Would it look weird to just have the trash can there with nothing covering it?

@Sys Rq, thanks, that's perfect!
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#3. Just sayin'.
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Trash-compactor-sized Wine Cellars

not cheap, but they're pretty cool.
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Your drawer fronts and cabinet faces look fairly standard. You could check at the big box home stores or at a materials recycling center for some to use as false fronts on the garbage drawer. It all depends on your budget and how handy you are. Such waste basket drawers are standard items for most cabinetry lines, like these.
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