Is there an online DSM-I?
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Where can i find a list and description of the disorders in the original Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-I)?

Google-fu has failed me. Is there a list out there online for free, so i don't have to pony up and buy the book? I'm very interested in the crazy things they considered "mental illness" back then. I don't need to view the actual pages or anything, just a list/summary or each illness would be perfect. Thanks!

ps. have tried looking for torrents. no luck.
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I'd bet your local librarian could help you track down the book and get it in your hands via an inter-library loan.
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Best answer: Shockingly, it actually is online as a PDF, and the source seems reputable since they sell online access to DSM-IV.
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I used the Google search 'DSM-I filetype:pdf' and smackfu's link was the first result. Then I searched for just 'DSM-I' and it was the second.
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Extra level of fun: keep in mind that "back then" was 1952.

(The DSM-II is also online at that same site, and has significantly more detail. Just google DSM-II and it's the first result.)
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If you change the Roman numerals in the URL, you can also get the DSM-II, DSM-III, and DSM-IV.
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Response by poster: odd, apparently i was looking at a different google, i got NONE of those pages in the first 10 pages of results i looked through. Thanks!
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