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Escape from New York! (By car during the New York Marathon.)

What time of day would be optimal to leave Williamsburg, Brooklyn by car tomorrow to get to the Jersey Turnpike without committing suicide after hours stranded in gridlocked traffic?
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As early as possible. 6 am?
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Best answer: Bridge and Road Closures

They're gonna start closing roads in Brooklyn & Queens in the 7am hour. I'd aim for 6:30 at the latest. (Don't forget our clocks fall back to standard time tonight.) If I were you, I'd take the Queens Midtown Tunnel through midtown to the Lincoln Tunnel. If you don't have to be in Jersey til the afternoon....find a diner and bring a book?

But yeah, get out of town as early as possible.
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Response by poster: Crap, man, I'm an early bird but there's no way I making it out that early. How about on the back end, does anyone know how late things are typically jacked up afterwards? Roughly when would the BQE stop being a parking lot? I got caught behind that jack knifed flatbed on my way in on Friday, took 4 hours to get from the Goethals to Wburg (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Can't do again.
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Do you have to take the BQE and go through Staten Island? You could take the Williamsburg Bridge (no toll) through Manhattan to the Holland Tunnel (no toll NJ bound). The marathon doesn't go that far south in Manhattan, and it's a Sunday, so you should be ok.

I hate the BQE so much, it's a mess even on a good day. I want to like it. I want it to be a good option! (I live right near the start of it in Queens, and I drive all over for work.) But it's terrible.
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(Also, sorry I don't know when traffic is normal again after the Marathon. But I'd avoid the Verazzano whatever you do.)
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