Help me identify these figurines.
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Please help me identify these odd little figurines and "bunny house" teapot I bought for my bunny-mad niece. I found them in St. Jacobs, Ontario, but even the owner of the antique store didn't know what they are called. I would like to buy more (from where? Ebay?"?) but I certainly can't until I know what they are called. The first two pics are of the figurines,the second two pics are of the back and front of the teapot. The teapot is hollow inside and certainly looks as if it was meant to be lit from within by a candle. All the items appear to be made out of plaster. Any help with identification would be much appreciated.
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Response by poster: Sorry, here are the other three photos:
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While they certainly don't look like Wade (making Red Rose less likely), they certainly do look like they came out of a box of tea. Probably Lipton.

I used to stock the shelves at a grocery store, and I seem to recall one of the big brands always having a boxtop send-in promotion for a teapot like that.
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Judging purely on glazes and constructin, I don't think they're truly antique. Most likely created within the past 50 years.
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Also, this seems too obvious to ask, but are there any marks on the bottoms of the pieces? Normally you'd find a maker's mark of some sort - a small symbol, a seal, even a few initials...
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Response by poster: Miko, No, there are no marks at all. I'm sure they're not antiques--and certainly, I picked them up very very cheaply ($1.00 a piece.) I bought the three teapots he had--they are different colours and motifs--and if there are others, I would love to get them for my niece for Christmas.
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They look to be 2-3 inches tall - is that right?

The closest ones I've seen are these larger, less quirky ones
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Can't help you identify them, but here are more on eBay. I got there by searching for "bunny miniature tea" (without the quotes).
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Your bunny holding a carrot tea pot shows up on this collector's gallery of their collection - it looks like these were likely c. 1990s teapots from a company called Popular Imports - some of the links from their menu are hosed, but you can click on the catalog in the upper right corner to see this year's offerings.

Here's another Popular Imports Tea Set: eBid auction: 8 Piece Miniature Bunny Rabbit Resin Tea Set (although, the tea-settiness of this one isn't obvious)
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Response by poster: Thanks so much. Now I just have to find out more about the teapots. Yes, julen, they are 3 inches tall and about that wide at the base.
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Response by poster: Having received half the answer from Mefites, I'm still hoping someone out there can identify this:
Thanks again, and if the thread dies here, I must have something very rare indeed.
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