naughty fun in broad daylight for a couple, possible?
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Give us some ideas to have naughty fun in the day time. I don't know what I mean by naughty. really, I don't know. something risque. something fun. something we didn't do before but possible to do in the broad daylight.

I and spouse want to spend entire day together having fun we never had before, while our kid goes off to daycare.
In last 3 years, after birth of our kid, we have not done any outdoor activity as adult/couple. We don't know anyone close enough to take care of our kid. We don't like the idea of having someone babysitting. So last 3 years have been just busy/burdened/not having any fun alone. so this time around, we want to chill out for one day - 9 to 5, without worrying about taking care of our kid.
If we could go out at night, we could go to club and dance. Or try something more risque like visiting a swinging bar. But going out at night is out of question in this case.
So, you all experienced askme users, please put on your creative hats and give us some ideas to make our day exciting, thrilling and fun and naughty too if possible.
The only idea we came up with so far is to go to universal studio. It's fun adult outdoor activity but not risque/naughty at all LOL.. But we are just going to go with this if we can't think of anything else.
I created this throw away account since I'm posting this annonymously - throw_away (at) fastmail (dot) fm
misc. tidbits - It's a weekday. We are taking off from work. We are in LA.
P.S. we love having kid/raising her. we love all the activities we can do along with her e.g. going to disneyland every once in a while. Just being with her, watching her is sheer joy. but we need a break.
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Outdoor picnic in a remote enough place that you can also have sex outside if you feel like it.
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How about a spa day? Hot springs? Hot tub somewhere?
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Spend the whole day at Universal Studios....with a buttplug in. You haven't spent a day until you've spent a day walking around with a buttplug. Or other "normal" activities with wireless remote control vibrators firmly in place. Secret fun surprise!
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In case you don't get what I'm saying, you each get the other's remote. Bzzt!
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The various risque communities e.g. swingers etc. have daytime events, you know. Their websites and online forums will elucidate aforesaid. (or, er. organise one yourself)
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Take a breakfast picnic, a stereo and two bottles of wine to the beach/park and get hammered at 10am. Dance like fools, fall about laughing and sleep it off, together, under a tree. You'll be sober by tea time.
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Expect the kid to raise holy hell when you drop her off since she is not used to it. Of course she may not do this, but if she does, don't let that put you two off your plans, whatever they end up to be.
What to do then? How much naughty will work? A brunch with bloody mary's and then shop for lingerie/sex toys? Get a room in a super nice or extra sleazy place to try on your new things? A porn film? Lunch (weather permitting) in an outdoor setting with enough seclusion to have sex out of doors? Consult a sex worker for ... ? Any special food or some type of visual get you both "zinging"? Hold up a bank/convenience store? (just kidding). Titillate yourselves like crazy and then satisfy!!
Once had a sweetheart in college that would take me trespassing into a nearby area that was condemned/slated for redevelopment and poke around the old building(s). Can't believe we never ran into squatters/homeless/crack heads, but we didn't. I'm sure it was illegal and dangerous but it was tons of fun and very naughty!
Enjoy your day!!
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don't do this on your kid's first day of daycare. they'll want you on standby with your phone on.
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not that i'm recommending this, but you could go up to the hollywood sign. its fenced off now, but maybe you could sneak in if you Hollyridge Trail behind the sign and go under the fence. maybe you could write your name on one of the letters if you brought a sharpie. but you probably shouldn't do that, seeing as how its all fenced off and stuff.
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Many erotic stores sell vibrating panties that come with a remote control. Normal fun + those = naughty fun?
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don't do this on your kid's first day of daycare. they'll want you on standby with your phone on.

Don't be a pill. The kid may be fussy on her first day away from home, but the daycare will know how to cope with that; there is no more reason they'd need the parents "on standby" the first day than on any other.
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Feel each other up and make out on a rollercoaster.
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