Name/Location of the "Mac vs PC" jingle?
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From the "hard to google" category: What's the name of/ where can I obtain a copy of the jingle that plays in the background of the Apple "Mac vs PC" ads? (oddly enough, it's for my halloween costume...)
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Any reasonable facsimile would probably be fine.
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Here's one that a guy made that's pretty close. To assist your googling, the ads are in a series called "Get a Mac."
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It's a song called "Having Trouble Sneezing" by Mark Mothersbaugh (formerly of Devo). The nether (i.e. torrenty) regions of the internets can probably turn up a copy for you.
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Reasonable facsimile, eh? Here's one.
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Oh, and the campaign is NOT called "Get A Mac." As the OP correctly notes in the title, the campaign is called "Mac vs. PC".
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did a google search: mac vs. pc ad music and it came up as the 2nd entry.
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Mark Mothersbaugh (formerly of Devo)

Currently of Devo.
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dersins: Apple calls them Get A Mac.
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Currently of Devo.

Wait, what? Did I miss something? Oh, wow, apparently I did. On the other hand, yikes.
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