Bela Lugosi's Pretty Hard to Find
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Where can I find the Bauhaus recording of Bela Lugosi's Dead from The Hunger?

According to my co-worker, the version of Bela Lugosi's Dead that Bauhaus performs on The Hunger is different from any of the versions that I've been able to find online (it's been so many years since I've seen the movie that I can't remember). In his opinion, the version from The Hunger is superior. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be one of the tracks on the movie soundtrack, so where can I find it?
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Best answer: Oh, goody! No, the movie features the "live" version, which is standard in their two-disc "Best Of." You have to work to get the sparser original version, which I have with "Boys" as a B-side.

Also, there's an Iggy Pop tune in there for the scene with the skater.
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Came here to say what adipocere said.
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Here's the video version/movie promo of the song, but this edited version was never actually released as a single or b-side, as far as I know. Also, the video version isn't exactly as it appears in the movie; in the movie itself, I believe the sound abruptly cuts in and out when the scenes shift between the goth club and the townhouse.
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I would not mind hearing one version interspersed with angry monkey sounds and a distant, echoey "No ice."

But, yes, the live version is so preferred it has more or less obliterated the studio version, not unlike the way a particular Cheap Trick song's live version eclipsed the album take. Only Electric Hellfire Club liked that version enough to cover it for the Bauhaus tribute CD. Otherwise, when you hear the clip at the opening of SNL's "Goth Talk" sketch, or anywhere else, it's the live version.

I've got the movie and both CDs available at home and can double-check to make sure, if you like.
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I didn't realize this was the case, and I had to break out the 12" to see for myself - adipocere is correct!
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So if you have a loose mp3, is there some way to tell which version it is just from the song itself?
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MusicBrainz could probably do that, Naberius.
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I always thought that the "Best Of" live version from The Hunger seemed shorter for some reason, but this doesn't really seem to be the case. Just checked with the two versions here that I ripped. The "Best Of" clocks at 9:37, while the Small Wonder release I ripped from vinyl ages ago clocks at 9:39. Easily attributable to human error.
There is detectable crowd noise at the beginning of the "Live" version though, and the original single version has a much sparser intr. Also, David J's bass shows up about ten seconds later in The Hunger version. Around 1:10.
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On Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape.
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Okay, the version I had from iTunes is the studio one. Found the live version, from their Singles: 1979-1983 Volume One album, which I'm guessing is iTunes' bastardization of the two disc collection adipocere pointed out. If you're wondering about yours, the studio version is 9:34 long, while the live version is 9:39.

And oh hell yes, the live version is the one I remember and it's so much better.
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the live version is the one I remember and it's so much better.

Oh, I don't know. I've always preferred the sheer sparseness of the studio original.
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